Water Treatment Product

We will guarantee you the best value for the price plus added value and ensure you get the right treatment every time from our products. We not only sell water treatment and purification products with all our chemical products but we have equipped our products with technical data sheets and MSDS, plus when you buy from us and you need consulting services we will receive and provide access to advice and comprehensive technical support. If you want to add value to your business with trusted water treatment chemicals that we can help you with. With a wide range of water treatment products and services, we are sure to have a solution for your specific needs. To learn more about our products or to get advice on water treatment systems, talk to our members:

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062-21-5978020 / 5978199



For Equipments & Accessories

  • Dosing
    Pumps & Controllers

  • Auto Feed-Bleed Systems

  • Solenoid Valves & Motorized Valves

  • Test Kits For Water Quantity Parameters

  • pH, TDS & Conductivity Meters

And many other things that is necessary
for our FTS…