Monitoring Vital and Critical Equipment

KIMBRATAS. PT can answer two general reliability questions
1. How long will the system work without failure?
2. Will the system really provide the requested service?
Our monitoring includes several electronic, mechanical or subsystem components to identify the process performance of a system. Failure of electronic, mechanical or subsystem components is an important focus and our ability to provide the services needed.
As in the context of the application of industrial equipment, WTP, WWTP, Cleaning Ducting and so on there is plenty of room for our performance to monitor integrity and
important equipment functionality also includes pipes and turning machines, so we can handle them in more detail and experience in the field. In this case the service needed is to detect, characterize and differentiate system defects by
type and size. Therefore we must also consider the occurrence that significant defects are not detected.
PoD detection probability varies according to the size of the defect. The ideal control technique makes it possible to distinguish all defects greater than the value given to define a priori as a detectable minimum.