Spare Part Management

The trust of partner companies for their trust in us Kimbratas. PT to manage assets and systems consists of a series of operational controls such as basic principles, policies, procedures, guidelines and tools that must be managed optimally in the long run in order to become intangible assets (supporting) for planning and designing systems . The need for spare part planning is something very important, how to select components that are outdated and need to be removed. Then what components should be replaced and which parts should be added.

There are 4 elements in maintaining spare parts: critically, specifically, demand patterns, and functions of each spare part. How to identify a product, such as talking about spare part materials, prices, uncertain patterns of needs, supply chain and time buffer, all of which must be useful information in making decisions when managing spare parts, this is all we do as a responsibility we as managers of assets that have been entrusted to us.